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How To Make Rough Hair Soft / রুক্ষ, আগা ফাটা চুলের টিপস

rough hairs

  রুক্ষ, আগা ফাটা চুলের টিপস চুল নিয়ে আমাদের কম বেশি অনেকেরই নানা ধরণের সমস্যা হয়ে থাকে। চুল যেহেতু দ্রুত বৃদ্ধি পায় তাই একে কেটে ছোট রাখতে হয়। কিন্তু চুল কাটানোর আগেও কিছু বিষয় মনে রাখা জরুরি কারণ চুল কাটালে আপনাকে মানাবে, কোন হেয়ার স্টাইলটি আপনার চেহারার সাথে যায়, সোজা চুলের কাট কেমন হবে বা […]

Ways to Wreck Your Skin / আপনার সৌন্দর্য নষ্ট হতে পারে যে ১০ টি কারণে

damage skin

  Ways to Wreck Your Skin Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it gets a lot of abuse. You put your skin at risk when you leave it unprotected outdoors or in settings that are environmentally risky. You also put it at risk when you skimp on your at-home skincare routines. […]

Valentine’s Day – Beauty Tips / ভালবাসার দিনটিতে নিজেকে একটু বদলে নিন


  Valentine’s Day – Beauty Tips Valentine’s Day is not just about your partner and your loved ones, it’s also about you. Pamper your skin this Valentine’s Day to get that amazingly healthy and youthful glow. Follow these simple tips and see the difference. Read on… Use natural products: With your skin, it’s always good […]

Winter skincare for men / শীতে পুরুষের ত্বকের যত্ন

man skin care

  Winter skincare for men 1. Slap on lip-balm The skin on your lips is the same as the skin on your nipples – super sensitive. If it gets damaged, it takes longer to repair, especially when the elements are tough, as they can be in winter. Just one tiny cut or chapped area left […]

Hair Protein Treatment/ চুলের প্রোটিন ট্রিটমেন্ট

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  Hair Protein Treatment To understand why hair requires protein treatments, you must first understand what the purpose of protein in the hair is. Hair is made up of Keratin a kind of protein. When hair undergoes any chemical service or is damaged by misuse of heat tools, protein is lost hence the hair loses […]

Homemade skin care paste/ ত্বকের যত্নে ঘরে তৈরি উপটান


  Homemade skin care paste Since ancient times, a variety of women who have been practicing for beauty. The way it is practiced in various forms today’s women. How many women have been developed with the aim to promote the beauty of the beauty salon. There are different types of facial beauty parlor beauty practice, […]

To solve the acne problem using this method /ব্রণ সমস্যায় ৭ টি সমাধান!

bron somossar somadhan

  To solve the acne problem using this method * Clean the face with honey in the morning Anti-Bacterial ingredient to sweeten the skin acne free. Moreover honey skin moisture and keeps the skin free from excess oil. Take the soaked hands. Take half a teaspoon of honey in the palm of the hand. Then […]

7 Quick Solutions for daily beauty Care / দৈনন্দিন রূপসমস্যার চটজলদি ৭ টি সমাধান

7 solution

  7 Quick Solutions for daily beauty Care Every day we face some skin problem. The skin is black tint, sunburn spots, elbow’s skin to become thick, rough hands with a range of problems to be seen. We always aim to find solutions to these problems, but have not found many useful and quick solutions. […]

Remove black spots and roughen from elbow/দূর করুন হাতের কনুইর রুক্ষভাব এবং কালো দাগ

kunuier jotno

  Remove black spots and roughen from elbow 1. Sugar and Lemons juice mixed with the Rice powder rubbed apply elbow. Then wash with cold water. 2. lentils soaked in Milk. then Lentil paste, turmeric powder, tomato juice, sunflower oil mixed together and apply elbow. Shortly after the wash. 3. Bananas and sugar mixed together […]

Skin care at night and remove all days tiredness /সারা দিনের ক্লান্তি দূর করতে রাতের রূপচর্চা

night beauti tips

  Skin care at night and remove all days tiredness If you work all day , go outside, cooking. all the day you work and makes you tired, just as tired of it goes to your skin and dirt accumulation. so important at night. Would you like to deep sleep at night. Step 1 At […]