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Red Chili Prawn

Author:poly | Time: Jul 13, 2015


Red Chili prawn


prawn medium size 4

Onion paste 1/2 cup
Ginger-garlic Paste – 3 tsp
Red Chili paste – 4 tsp
coriander 1/2 tsp
Pepper powder – 1 tsp
Oil – As required
lemon juice 1 tsp
tomato slices
Salt – To taste



1. Mixed all the ingredients, without oil and prawn.
2. This mixture mix with prawn and keep half an hour.
3. Heat oil in a deep pan.
4. Fry the prawn, add extra mixture.
5. Add lemon juice.
6. When gravy then Switch off.
Eat with rice…….

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Cool Green Mocktail

Author:poly | Time: May 06, 2015


Cool Green Mocktail


  • 2 parts grapefruit juice
  • 1 part sparkling water
  • 1/4 lime
  • 1 drop green food coloring
  • Sugar syrup as test
  • crushed ice
  • ice cubes


  • Fill a shaker with ice and add grapefruit juice, sparkling water
  • Squeeze lime juice into shaker and add green food coloring
  • Shake vigorously until well combined
  • Pour into glasses filled with crushed ice
  • Garnish as desired

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Cool summer Sip

Author:poly | Time: Apr 20, 2015


Cool summer Sip


Strawberry 1 cup

Orange juice 2 cups

Sugar 3 tbsp or to taste

Ice cubes as required


Put strawberry and orange juice in blander and blend.

Add sugar and blend again then add ice and blend.

Pour into glasses and serve

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Papdi chaat

Author:poly | Time: Apr 10, 2015

Papdi chaat


For the papdi chaat

24 flat crisp papdis/puris/flour crispies
250 gms cold smoothened curd/yogurt
1 large potato, boiled and chopped
2 cups boiled chickpeas/kabuli chana/garbanzo beans
1 onion finely chopped (optional)
1 tomato finely chopped (optional)
½ cup chopped coriander leaves
1 cup mint coriander chutney
1 cup tamarind dates chutney
1-2 tsp red chili powder
1-2 tsp cumin powder
1-2 tsp chaat masala
1-2 tsp black salt/rock salt or common salt
1 tbsp lime juice (optional)
1 cup sev (optional)
For the spicy green mint and coriander chutney
1 cup chopped mint leaves/pudina
½ cup chopped coriander leaves/dhania
1 green chili, chopped
1-2 tsp lemon juice (preserves the green color of the chutney)
black salt
For the sweet tamarind dates chutney:
½ cup tamarind/imli
½ cup seedless dates
½ cup jaggery/gur
½ tsp dry ginger powder/saunth
1 tsp coriander powder/dhania powder
1 tsp cumin powder/jeera powder
½ tsp red chili powder (optional)
2 cups water
black salt


Cooking the chickpeas:

if you wanna add chickpeas to the papdi chaat, then some effort is needed. this is if you don’t want to use canned chickpeas.
you need to soak the chickpeas in enough water overnight or for a good 6-7 hours. then cook or pressure cook the chickpeas with water and salt/black salt till it is completely cooked.
Making the green mint coriander chutney:
blend all the ingredients with very little water to a smooth paste.
keep aside.
Making the sweet tamarind dates chutney:
boil the tamarind and dates in water.
when they become soft add the jaggery and the spice powders and salt.
cook further till the jaggery melts.
switch off the burner and let the mixture cool.
grind the chutney mixture to a smooth paste. seive the chutney through a strainer. add more salt if needed.
if the chutney becomes too thick add some water to liquidize it.
For assembling the papdi chaat:
arrange the papdis in a shallow bowl or plate.
top it up with chopped boiled potatoes and cooked chickpeas.
you can add chopped onions and tomatoes to it, but its optional.
sprinkle some chaat masala and red chili powder on it, if you want at this stage.
top these with cold yogurt/curd as much as you want.
top it up with the green chutney as much as you want.
and then with the sweet chutney as much as you want.
sprinkle some chaat masala, red chili powder, cumin powder and black salt.
garnish with coriander leaves. sprinkle sev on top and this step is also optional.
add a dash of lemon juice to the papdi chaat if you want.
serve papdi chaat immediately.

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papri chat

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samosa copy


Author:poly | Time: Mar 29, 2015



For dough:

Maida- 1 cup
Oil- 2 tsp + deep frying

For Filling

Boiled potato- 4 nos
Onion- 1 finely chopped
Ginger+Garlic+Green chillie- 1 inch + 4 pods+ 1 nos– finely chopped or crushed
Chicken masala- 1 tsp
Gharam masala- 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Coriander leaves- 2 tsp chopped
Oil- 3 tsp


Heat the pan with oil and saute the onion for few mins
Add in the crushed or chopped ginger garlic chillie mix
Add in all the masala powders
Add the mashed potatoes and give a good mix
Top them with coriander leaves
Divide the dough to even size balls
Flat the dough
Split them by using a Kitchen clean knife
Fill it with a spoon of filling, and dip your finger in water and brush the edge with the wet finger
Wrap them to a tight bundle… careful if there is any gap in the bundle it’ll split in the oil…
Start fry the filled bundles in hot oil

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